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The conference will take place at the Downtown Campus of San Francisco State University (SFSU), at the heart of beautiful San Francisco. The Downtown campus is located at 835 Market Street, and all talks will be at the sixth floor, room 609. Please, notice that it is possible to enter the SFSU campus through the Westfield building, but it is tricky to find it there, so you are encouraged to use the main entrance located at 835 Market Street. 

Participants will have ample choice of accommodations in the area, from inexpensive hotels costing US$80/night to luxurious ones costing upward of US$1,000/night. Given that July is high season in San Francisco, hotels tend to be booked closer to the date of the event. Therefore, we strongly encourage all participants to make their reservations as soon as their travel dates are set. 

SFSU's Downtown campus is in the Westfield Center, which also houses several restaurants and is directly connected to the Powell Street BART (San Francisco Bay Area's subway system) station. Additionally, there are dozens of very good eating options within walking distance from the conference venue, as well as ample public transit and world-famous attractions. 

Downtown San Francisco is connected to both San Francisco International Airport and Oakland International Airport via BART (closest station to conference is Powell), though San Francisco is a closer destination. Taxis and shuttle services are available and not expensive from SFO (check airport links for more information). 

For those who have not been in San Francisco, you should know that in Summer in can be pretty chilly in the city. For instance, Mark Twain allegedly said that "the coldest winter I ever spent was a Summer in San Francisco." Now, don't expect temperatures below freezing, but the cold ocean waters brought from Alaska make the winds cut through clothes, particularly in certain parts of the city and when the fog comes down. So, my suggestion is to bring warm clothes, and, more importantly, bring clothes that allow layering (a wind breaker will come very handy here). 

Starting in 2015, participants from countries under the Visa Waiver Program (true for most European countries) are required to have authorization under ESTA. Visit the links provided to verify your status, and apply for an ESTA authorization with enough time in advance. Participants who need a Visa to the US should contact the US embassy or consulate to establish what documents are needed and the timeline (varies by country), and if any documents are needed from the organizers of the conference, they should contact the conference General Chair via email.