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Special Session

Contextuality and Foundations of Probability

Contextuality, broadly understood as the changes in the values of an observable under different experimental conditions, is an essential feature of the quantum formalism. As such, contextuality is not only at the heart of understanding quantum mechanics itself, but also fundamental in applications of the quantum formalism outside of quantum mechanics. Therefore, this year we are organizing a Special Session on Contextuality and Foundations of Probability as part of QI2016. 

We would like to encourage researchers in contextuality in all areas, from Physics, Mathematics, Psychology, Philosophy, Linguistics, and Computer Science, to name a few, to submit papers that either apply the ideas of contextuality to some of those areas or provide deeper theoretical understanding of contextuality and related issues. We also welcome foundational papers about the relationship between contextuality and probability theory. 

This special session will also be the official meeting venue for the Purdue Research Center "Probability and Contextuality Across Disciplines," organized by Professor Ehtibar Dzhafarov. 

Invited speakers:
  • Pawel Kurzynski (Center for Quantum Technologies, Singapore)
  • Federico Holick (CONICET, La Plata, Argentina)
  • Francisco Doria (COPPE, UFRJ, Brazil)